Making a Character - Race, Class, and other Errata

The setting for Blackburrow employs some unusual modifications to the standard D&D conventions in area’s such as Race and Class. As such, it is recommended that a player joining the campaign peruse this section prior to rolling a character.

Character Creation: Race

While the world that Blackburrow is set in is home to a diverse selection of races, there remain a few differences between the rulebooks and this setting. Below I’ve outlined the differences between the core races and those found in Blackburrow, however if I have not listed it here, assume the race is not present in the realm.


The Dwarfish race does not exist.


The Elvish race does not exist.

Gnomes & Halflings

Gnomes and Halflings are the primary occupants of the eastern kingdoms beyond the Troubadour range, their society being similar to a mixture of pre-confucian Chinese and the Persian Empire. While the two races have been at peace for about a century, past fierce wars between the two over scant water and arable land in the largely arid regions they inhabit lead to a substantial decimation of both populations.

Both societies are now seen to be mingling closer together, and strong ties have been formed between the two and trade flows freely between their oasis cities. Both races are renowned for an advanced knowledge of mechanisms and machinery, but outcasts and expatriates fled to Atikiri have given their races a bad name as backstabbers and sly cheats.


The Orcish race is a race of desert tribes, wandering the expansive southern and eastern deserts of Aval. Their society is an open one, with camps varying anywhere from two to three families to an entire tribe in one place. As the Orcs place little value on material wealth, they remain somewhat aloof and mysterious to most of the outside world. While scant goods trade occurs between the southern Aitikiri cities and the Orcs, however, there is a large demand for their services as guides around the southern reach of the Troubadours, into the Gnomish kingdoms.

Players may look to the Bedouin tribes of the middle east for a good societal comparison.

Character Creation: Class

Most classes in Blackburrow remain unchanged from what is found in your standard 3.5e rulebook. The only addendum I would add here is that we will be using base classes only, nothing outside the Players Handbook.

Making a Character - Race, Class, and other Errata

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