Originally founded as a border fort during the expansion of the Atikiri Empire circa 3434CE, Blackburrow has suffered the slow and torturous decline common to isolated settlements: First growth to a township, then decline to a village before hovering on the edge of hamlet-ism as Imperial attention grows more and more distant.

Thankfully for Blackburrow, it’s situation was never one of dependence on imperial handouts. The old ore mines started by the garrison still follow rich veins of high-grade iron that keeps the smithies busy, the dense forests provide more than enough mature timber, and the ruins offer up artifacts often enough to keep raw cash flowing into the village coffers.

The Ruins

According to Atikiri records dating back millennium, the Atikiri empire is the first organized civilization on Aval. The ruins beneath Blackburrow, thus, present an unending enigma to the scholars and magi of the realm. Unfortunately, any surface remains were carted away during the initial border expansion in 3434, and due to the remote location archaeological expeditions have been few and far between.

Despite these challenges, the ruins remain a key source of income for Blackburrow. Providing the town with a steady stream of hard coin thanks to the illicit black market trade in artifacts unearthed by daring (or desperate) graverobbers and their ilk.

The Empire


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