The village of Blackburrow lies in a wide hollow formed by a southern sweeping arm of the Troubadour Range, on the north-easternmost edges of the Atikiri Empire, on the continent of Aval. As a result, the climate is wet and cold. Conifers and evergreens make up the dense forests that cover the flanks of the mountains and the barren wildlands to the north. Outside of the town are a few dozen of farmland and grazing corrals, dotted with residences and frequent barns, livestock being far more resilient to the frequently overcast sky than any crop.

North of Blackburrow lie the Wildlands: untamed and brutal, the village represents the last concerted push to colonize them several hundred years ago. Filled with whistling wind, dense forests that block out the sun or moons, and wargs the size of horses, the wildlands are unwelcoming at least.

Within a few hours march to the south and east the mountains sweep around the town in a wide curve, punctured by the long-abandoned High Pass at their joint. Jagged spires that thrust up sharply from the ground and sporting few foothills, and leagues across as the crow flies, the Troubadour range serves as an imposing barrier against the kingdoms and city-states that dot the eastern deserts.

To the west, after a few hundred leagues of wilderness, lies the broad expanse of the Atikiri empire. Fields, towns, cities, and the shining capital of Swynnesse in the bay of Atik. Ruler of the continent, lord of the seas, Atikiri stands above the paltry eastern realms as a beacon of civilization and prosperity.


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