The Story So Far...

The village of Blackburrow has long huddled on the outskirts of Atikiri. Originating centuries ago as a border outpost in some forgotten war, it’s foundations settled on the shattered fragments of an ancient ruin, the village ekes out its existence through trade from it’s forges, fields, and the occasional unearthed artifact. That it has survived this long is a testament to the stolidness, or perhaps desperation, of its inhabitants given the wilderness pressing in on all sides. To the north lie the wildlands, an icy wasteland of dense conifers and cold nights beneath the pale moons. To the west: the towering spires of Troubadours reach with its treacherous passes to the eastern nations. Despite this, Blackburrow remains as it always has: a quiet backwater with little need for the rest of the empire.

Alas, indolence can never last forever. Through various channels, the call has gone out for mercenaries to help defend this stolid outpost of civilization and isolation from a staggering variety of threats. A barrow outside of town has played host to a hoard of monsters terrorizing the citizens by day, Wargs from the frozen north have been spotted roaming within a few days ride, the dead no longer rest easily in the darkness of the night; and most disturbing of all: a vicious, pale, and unknown race has been reported raiding travelers without abandon from the nearby mountains.

Yes, it is a tumultuous time indeed for Blackburrow…


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